About Us

We are committed to YOU

Your success is the ruler we use to measure our own accomplishments.

Pay You Deserve

We can help you negotiate a compensation package that is comensurate with your skills.

Access to Benefits

A full array of benefits are available to our established employees, if desired.

Individual Service

We treat each employee with the respect that he/she deserves and has earned because we value building relationships.

We have been in your shoes...

The recruiters at Renee Hughes Aviation are experienced mechanics who have worked for numerous organizations all over the United States. We are here to help you navigate YOUR unique career path in aviation.


We recognize both the excitement and challenges of relocating for a great job.

We have experienced living out of suitcases while staying in hotels; some great, some not so great.


We understand the sacrifices that you make while you are creating the life you want for your family.

We realize that sometimes the best opportunities take you miles away from loved ones.


We have dealt with the difficulty of being treated differently due to our “contractor” status.

We have YOUR back during contract negotiations to make sure you are getting the best compensation package available.

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